A Magical First Playthrough of ELDEN RING

58 second read

Guys can you please download the network test already? My Torrent doesn’t have enough spectral seeds haha goodnight everybody

“dark souls”
“elden ring”
“from software”
“demon’s souls”
“demi human boc”
“merchant kale”
“bloody finger hunter yura”
“sorceress seleen”
“gatekeeper gostoc”
“open world”
“network test”
“early access”
“bandai namco”
“queen marika”
“church of elleh”
“groveside cave”
“stormfoot cave”
“stormveil castle”
“legacy dungeon”
“flask of wondrous physick”
“map fragment”
“margit the fell omen”
“bloodhound knight darriwil”

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