BadBoyHalo – MUFFIN (Official Music Video)

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I’m thinkin’, thinkin’ about you, Muffin, when I wake up, I’m thinkin’, thinkin’ about you, Muffin, you know our love was Ten times sweeter than candy, Ten times sweeter than cake. Thinkin’, thinkin’ about you. Ding dong, trick or treat, I was knockin’ at your door every week, And I saw you in my fortune cookie. What a great gift, like a basket of goodies. But you were cold as an ICEE, And I got a little bit of a brain freeze, I could speak your language, (LANGUAGE) If you just let me. Let me in. I don’t need a dating app, Cuz I got a Candy Crush on you. But you broke me like a Kit Kat, Left my Heart Not Found, Rotting in the trash. I’m scrolling and parolling through your Instagram feed, No I’m not trolling, but you’re all I wanna see. Insanity approaching, and I’m drinkin’ jealousy, Like a Coca Coly. Pop pop! I’m gonna keep the doctor away, Cuz you’re my apple every day.

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