6 The best Essential oils for Immunity System Functions

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Since immunity plays a major role in preventing vulnerability for diseases, it is very much important to keep it in proper functioning level. Do you know, when there is a risk of rapidly spreading disease like a viral infection or bacterial attacks, the people who are having less immunity is often subjected to weaknesses and symptoms than people with strong functionality in this system? Actually, the higher immunity doesn’t always caused by hereditary factors, the meals and food types you are taking, the level of physical activities and mental status equally influence on this. At the same time, the novel evidence has revealed the use of essential oils for immunity functions.

So, here is the list of such effective oils you can use to prevent from hazardous agents. Knowing these facts actually will help you to prevent from novel coronavirus attack too. Thus, it may definitely help you to successfully face future challenges like this.

Let’s see the most recommending essential oils for immunity system…


The natural properties of this fruit itself can create a fragrance and environment which is undesire for the microbes. Actually, the peels and scent play a major role here than the juice. So, often, the experts recommend the use of sweetened or raw peels as snacks or desserts regularly. Thus, it will help you to fight against a number of common viruses. Sometimes, this may happen even without the sense. The vitamin C content in here will also help to boost these effects.


This is often recommended for fungal attacks than all other oil varieties. At the same time, it also can fight against other microbes too. Further, even it is responding to prevent infections occurred through bad foods and drinks. Usually, this is popular against chest conditions when applied as a steam inhalation. But, direct application over the skin in areas with discomfort is not a good practice. However, it is actually, effective in preventing cold and cough.


Not as other oils we have discussed here, this is known as a good solution for respiratory issues more than the Gastroenterol problems. So, the ideal way of application is the massaging to areas with sinus. But, make sure to warm the oil sample you selected before application to maximize its beneficence.

Tea Tree

Actually, this is also known as the best natural ingredient which can fight perfectly with harmful microbes. However, the only matter is to bear the cost per pack. But, if you would buy a pack, it will definitely be a wise solution to use in many home-based herbal regimes.


Over the years this is a popular oil variety in dental care. Actually, it says the ability to fight against bacterial growth in between teeth is a major effect of this solution.

The wrapped message

Even though we used to think about the body’s ability to fight against growing microbes only at once we subjected to disease, actually, we must think of preventing measures before that. Thus, it is good to think of using essential oils for immunity development to stay healthy without a massive effort.

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