Great Scott, That’s a Great Promo! Christopher Lloyd Appears as Rick From Rick and Morty

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Deploy the GIF of Denzel Washington looking relieved: When Christopher Lloyd’s name trended on Twitter on Friday, it had been not because anything bad had happened to the 82-year-old star of Taxi, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, and Star Trek III: The look for Spock. Quite the other. The beloved actor seemed to be back as his most famous character, Doc Brown from the rear To the longer-term franchise.

But no, within the new promo, he’s not playing Doc Brown. He’s drunken, profane, dimension-hopping scientist Rick Sanchez. And with him, as he steps through a cartoonish portal, isn’t Michael J. Fox but Jaeden Martell (best known from the recent It adaptation) as Rick’s grandson Morty. Why this is often all an ingenious (and extremely effective) marketing stunt for Rick and Morty. Behold! Those versed in Rick and Morty lore know that the wildly successful animated comedy originated from a Back To the longer term parody, so seeing Lloyd belch like Grandpa Rick is certainly an extended time comin’. Whether Lloyd and Martell will appear within the new episode of the fifth season (debuting Sunday) and what “we’re home” means (beyond a Star Wars reference) remains to be seen.

Those really versed in Rick and Morty lore know that “C-132” within the tweet refers to which universe of fractured reality this moment is about in. the most universe from the show is C-137. However, the Rick and Morty characters within the tie-in comics are from C-132. Or a minimum of they was originally before different writers came on board. (Naturally, there are some glorious arguments about this on a number of the more hair-splitting message boards.) Either way, C-132 was definitively destroyed in issue #14, which matches to prove what any nerd worth his blemflarcks already knows: Tie-in comics are soft canon.

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