How to use Coconut oil for toenail fungus

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The effects of coconut oil as a natural healer has tested over years with the prior experiences. Actually, nowadays, this fact has discussed even in novel research findings due to the massive demand it bore in previous decades. Wonderfully, it has become a great nourishing agent for hair, skin and even nails. Thus, nowadays, we can see it’s the usage in may healthcare products. However, still, we can use its raw form as oils or pastes with a variety of other natural herbs for varying kinds of bacterial and fungal issues. So, isn’t it interesting to discuss a bit on the ways of using coconut oil for toenail fungus? We know this is a troublesome matter for most of the individuals who work with bare feet or sandals. Thus, the following facts will help you to prepare an ideal herbal solution along with the known beneficial effects.

How to prepare Coconut oil for toenail fungus?

First of all, collect some amount of pure oil sample from the local or online market. Next, you should clean the feet with a healthy body wash solution. But, don’t use solutions with lower pH values which are having acidic nature. Actually, it can create further damages to your skin.

Next, when all the soap or body wash particles washed away, you should dry the skin around the fungal infection with a piece of clean clothe or a tissue paper. Well, now, bring a few drops of oil into your hands and rub it well all over the fingertips and around the infected area.

Then, just massage the surroundings with gentle pressure. Often, circular thumb and finger massaging are advised to increase circulation of air and nutrients to remove dried skin. Once you complete this process, it is better to wrap the toenails by using a cleaned wrapping. Now, keep this for fifteen to twenty minutes to allow better absorption. Ideally, if you practice this every day, you will notice a positive change within a few weeks.

But, actually, if you need to boost the effects, you may mix other herbal agents as well. Often, the use of tea tree oils is recommended for faster outcomes.

Further, immersing the affected toes in a bowl of this oil is also prescribed. But, you should take comparatively more oil amount than with the previous methods. So, it is a bit expensive.

Why Coconut oil is considered as the best option for toe fungus?

  • The availability

Actually, this is a very much popular oil variety for so many purposes. Hence, there is nothing to worry about availability and you may order a pack of pure oils without stressing on unnecessary demands.

  • Inexpensive in price

The availability itself has reduced the price tags for a pack. So, you should not want to give an extra burden to your pocket in order to get rid of toe fungus.

  • Has excellent antifungal qualities

Yes! Since we are going to use this for fungal infection,  the oil we are selecting should enrich with excellent anti functioning properties against fungus.

  • Will keep the skin well moisture

The natural moisturising qualities of pure coconut will prevent dryness and skin breakdowns. Further, it will minimize water retention over the damaged site without drying. So, there may no desired environment to allow fungus growth.

  • Will not damage skin properties

The antioxidant properties will always prevent skin breakages.

The final message…

Use of coconut oil for toenail fungus has many more advantages for healthy skin around the toes. At the same time, this inexpensive oil is always a perfect choice for a home-based treatment option. Thus, you may use this oil as directed by here for faster results. Finally, share your experiences in our comment line for a better community discussion to improve satisfaction.

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