Kit Harington wants son to be grateful for Game of Thrones

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Tackle Harington thinks it’ll be” tough luck” if his son does not want to watch him and Rose Leslie on’ Game of Thrones when he is aged. The 34- time-old actor met his now-woman on the set of the HBO drama series and he joked their little boy who’s nine months old-will have to watch their characters, Jon Snow and Ygritte, getting intimate on-screen and be thankful for it when he is of an age to understand. Asked how he will handle showing his son’ Game of Thrones, Kit joked toE!’s’ Diurnal Pop'” Look, I mean, he can just be thankful that it happed because else he wouldn’t be then.

” So that will be it. I will be like,’ You do not like watching it? Well, tough luck.'” While Tackle can next be seen as internals, he does not suppose it’s a movie his son will be impressed by. He fooled”At the moment he is nine months old so by the time he is old enough to watch this movie, it’s going to be seriously antique.” The British actor is” living the dream” at the moment because he is got to spend a long time minding for his baby and tending to his every need, but now he is promoting the superhero film, he is having all his requirements provisioned for without having to lift a cutlet.

He laughed”I am going through commodity at the moment which is that I spend weeks previous to coming out then sort of, you know, feeding him, coddling him, looking after him. And also I go to get on a flight, come then, and now I am looked after and being cockered. So I am living the dream right now!”I am in heaven, this is easy.” And the Pompeii’s star was thrilled to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He said”This is my first time in the Marvel macrocosm, it came as a really brilliant time for me. It’s a dream call for me.”

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