Letters to the editor – August 29, 2021

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I ask the article ‘I was a walking grave’ (August 8) regarding mothers who perceive they have an abortion. At Mater Dei Hospital, services for pregnant mothers (and indeed families) whose child isn’t expected to survive have changed within the last 15 years. Parents are offered tons of psychological support, even by a psychologist if necessary.

Deliveries are planned during regular meetings held by the multidisciplinary team which incorporates obstetricians, paediatricians, midwives and nurses. Visiting consultants also are involved if their expertise in intrauterine echo cardiography is required in order that diagnosis is as accurate as possible.

The parents have consulted afterward when options available are discussed with them, including the choice to permit a traditional delivery unless it’s perceived as detrimental to the mother’s health. the kid is therefore born through a traditional delivery and nature is allowed to require its course from then onwards.

Many babies who have cardiac problems survive a traditional delivery as their challenge is especially surviving independently of their mother’s circulation. There are paediatricians who specialize in palliative look after babies, a nurse dedicated to support the kid during end of life and a bereavement midwife.

Although one fully empathizes with families who need to suffer through a pregnancy knowing that likelihood is that their child won’t live long, one must consider that the unborn child experiences the love of the mother and may hear the voices of other members of the family. a toddler who features a short life out of the womb still has that security and luxury while within the womb and it’s only the mother who can give that. there’ll surely be sorrow and disappointment but there can also be the comfort that, throughout their short life in utero and out of doors, that child only knows love.

With regards to a 3rd cesarean delivery, there are many mothers who are through a 3rd one safely and successfully, so there’s hope for persons who got to have a delivery by cesarean delivery . Although I’m not a midwife by profession, being a nurse for the last 35 years has brought me in touch with many mothers, a number of whom experienced miraculous survival of their children, albeit things seemed bleak during pregnancy. I am sure that a lot of midwives can attest to similar experiences. So, maybe, it’s worth giving the kid all the probabilities to measure.

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