The 5 jobs Tim Tebow should try next after getting cut by the Jacksonville Jaguars

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Former Florida Gators QB/NFL QB/New York Mets outfielder Tim Tebow was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars on Tuesday. Tebow was trying to form the team as a decent end. But his first preseason action didn’t go alright, as he whiffed on several block attempts. this is often likely the top of Tebow’s NFL dream. He was attempting a comeback under his college coach, Urban Meyer. If Tebow can’t make a team under Meyer, it’s unlikely he’ll make a team under anyone else. Now that Tebow’s NFL career appears to be officially over, he’ll likely return to his job as an SEC Network analyst. However, that’s probably not what Tebow wants to try to do for the remainder of his career — otherwise, he wouldn’t have tried his hand at baseball and playing football as a decent end.

So what other careers could Tebow try? Here are five that i feel the previous Gator should provides a shot. Despite Tebow’s terrible blocking attempt within the Jaguars’ preseason game in the week , he’s still a man who loves contact. Tebow made his name on powering through defenders at Florida. There’s little question he was a troublesome quarterback that might leave it all on the sector .

Outside of football, there’s not a serious sport that involves more contact than hockey. Though I’m unsure Tebow knows the way to skate. Perhaps he’d be best suited to be a goalie within the NHL. It looks like a litany of celebrities and ex-athletes try their hand at boxing lately . are you able to imagine the pay-per-view draw that a Tebow fight would get — especially if it had been against another prominent celebrity/athlete??? I bet Tebow wouldn’t recoil from a match . and that we know he’s as competitive because it gets. If Tebow wants to continue on within the NFL, maybe he should try the referee route. He obviously knows the sport after playing it for therefore long. And he could be the purest athlete to ever play the game . He’s a man that might try his best to form the proper call in every situation.

And let’s not forget that Tebow is ripped. He might be the new Ed Hochuli. i feel one reason that Tebow wanted to play baseball and check out the NFL again is because he misses being a part of a team. While his playing days have likely passed him by, maybe he could join a training staff as a strength coach. Tebow has remained in great shape through the years, so he definitely knows what works with nutrition and weight lifting. and that i need to imagine he’d be an inspiring presence on the sideline. There probably isn’t a neighborhood within the us that loves Tebow quite the south.

So maybe Tebow must try a sport that’s centered within the south. NASCAR was born within the south. And its biggest fan base still remains within the south. I feel NASCAR fans would immediately attach themselves to Tebow. And he’d be a dream for sponsors. Now, can he drive? Probably not. But consistent with NASCAR fans, neither can half the sector on any given Sunday.

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