Troy Aikman has must-read take on Tom Brady comments

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Troy Aikman had a must-read opinion about Tom Brady’s comments regarding offseason workouts. In May, Brady reportedly spoke out against the NFL’s offseason programs. He reportedly encouraged his fellow players to hunt modified off-season workout programs. Brady asserting lesser offseason requirements and workouts seemed somewhat strange given how industrious he’s. that’s what led Aikman to think it’s a reverse psychology tactic from Brady. “I was surprised to listen to Tom Brady say the players need longer off. He was very vocal. It shocked me because I do know Tom well,” Aikman said on a recent episode of the “Flying Coach” podcast with Sean McVay and Peter Schrager.

“And then I noticed, that’s the greatness of Tom Brady because I can assure you, he’s not taking those days off, which team isn’t taking those days off. then he views it as a complete competitive advantage. If teams are practicing less, and he’s practicing more, that’s getting to give him a leg abreast of the competition. and that I think that was really the entire motivation for those comments.”

Now that might be some really devious behavior from Brady if it were true. does one thing that was his real motivation for the comments? Or does Brady genuinely feel players are responsible enough to figure out on their own and don’t need mandatory year-round workouts organized by the team? Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians even offered Brady special privileges that he declined. Maybe when you’re 43 and are within the league for over 20 years, you don’t need the type of rules that younger players do.

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