What to do in Ella for an Adventure Feeling

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Ella is a beautiful area in Sri Lanka. Since it has a wonderful geographical location and a pleasant climate, it is a well popular tourist destination in the country. So, thousands of visitors used to travel for Ella during holidays to enjoy it’s an amazing beauty. But, this is not a recommending place only to enjoy nature. Actually, it is a good adventure site due to its natural location. Hence, if you worry on what to do in Ella even after stepping on this wonderful ground, it is really wastage of your time. That is why it is good to have a sound understanding of relaxing spots, adventure activities and historical importance in the area before setting up journey. Thus, we highly believe this piece of content may greatly help you to customise the days you are going to spend in Ella Sri Lanka.

Nine Arch is an excellent choice for what to do in Ella

Sometime, you may know Sri Lanka is a small island which was under the foreign attacks in good old days. Especially, the upcountry areas were subjected to these attacks due to its economic values and climate which is leading to a good environment to plants. So, once you reach Ella, you will found several architectural designs with the shadow of these traditions. The nine arch bridge is also known as one such spot. Here, there are railways going over the bridge and two protective walls.

Often, when the train comes a long way from Colombo to up countries, you will see amazing sightseeing from here. So, it will be a nice shot for talented photographers. Actually, you may observe added beauty when taking the shots in early mornings or evenings. Further, the young lovers from local and foreign visitors used to take shots by standing over the protective walls. But, do not forget, since this is a risky task, you should care for your safety all the time.

Climb Ella Rock

This is a wonderful experience for people who love to enjoy nature. Once you reach up to the peak you will see all around over the mist. Actually, it will feel like you have stepped over the heaven on the earth. The range of mountains spread around the area has also added extra beauty and look. Sometimes, you may feel this as a perfect spot to have a camping night. Yes! Since there are no dangerous animals around, you have a chance to stay for a night. But, it is good to have advice from a local guide service before doing so.

However, even though it is not prohibited, it is good to avoid alcohol, smoking, plastics and polythenes to avoid harm for this beauty.

Have a train tour

Yes! It is nice. But, if you really need to enjoy the beauty all around the hill country, it is good to take a train from Kandy to Ella. So, you would be able to feel the climate changes. If you’re a foreigner, this is a wonderful experience to feel the beauty in the pearl of the Indian ocean.

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Actually, Sri Lanka is a small greenish island situated in the Indian ocean. It has really admirable biodiversity in each area. So, it eventually, took the attraction of visitors worldwide. Ella is one of the most beautiful areas in this island with several chances to have adventure feelings. Hence, you do not want to worry further on what to do in Ella. Here are the solutions. We hope to give you more ideas in future. Thus, keep reading us!

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