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Fans Are Convinced Taylor Swift Subtly Confirmed Joe Alwyn Dishonesty Rumors

by Tristar Cater
Taylor Swift Subtly Confirm Joe Alwyn Cheating Rumors

Taylor Swift‘s followers are always searching for a much deeper meaning in everything she does and says– and they’ve done it once more.

The latest Swiftie theory is that the singer subtly verified that her ex-spouse Joe Alwyn ripped off on her through her choice of surprise tunes during the Eras Excursion day in Sydney, Australia, on Feb. 24.

Following ongoing cheating reports distributing in fan areas online for a number of months, Swift consisted of 2 song mashups during her Feb. 24 performance. The initial mashup featured “Must’ve Said No” and “You’re Not Sorry,” both tracks hinting at the theme of cheating. In “You’re Not Sorry,” Swift sings concerning someone appearing innocent but not deceiving her, while in “Must’ve Said No,” she references the repercussions of someone’s actions being found.

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Swift and Alwyn

This alone was enough for fans to think their fave was connecting to them that Alwyn had actually ripped off, with TikTok sleuths keeping up that theory.
While hypothesizing around celeb pairs can be enjoyable, I ‘d still advise you to take all this with a pinch of salt– and additionally, like Ms. Swift herself once begged, to not head out and defend her from Alwyn on the internet.

Swift and Alwyn remained in a connection for 6 years before revealing their split in April 2023. The vocalist is currently preparing yourself to release her approaching album, The Hurt Poets Division, on April 19. It is believed that the album will certainly focus on the end of their partnership, and I am really feeling rather anxious for its release.

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