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by Tristar Cater
evil dead rise 2023

Introduction to “Evil Dead Rise”

Evil Dead Rise” marks the latest chapter in the storied “Evil Dead” franchise, a series that has captivated horror enthusiasts for decades. Directed by Lee Cronin, this installment seeks to both honor the legacy of its predecessors and forge new ground, delivering scares and thrills with a modern twist. As we delve into this review, we’ll explore what makes “Evil Dead Rise” both a fitting continuation and a unique stand-alone story in the “Evil Dead” universe.

Plot Overview

At its core, “Evil Dead Rise” narrates a chilling tale of survival against demonic forces. Without venturing into spoiler territory, the story revolves around two estranged sisters whose reunion in a city apartment turns into a nightmarish fight for survival. The discovery of a mysterious book serves as the catalyst for unspeakable horror, as they confront both their personal demons and the literal ones unleashed by the book.

Characters and Performances

The performances in “Evil Dead Rise” stand as a testament to the film’s commitment to character development amidst chaos. The chemistry between the sisters, portrayed with depth and nuance, anchors the narrative, transforming what could have been a standard horror fare into a compelling study of familial bonds tested by supernatural terror.

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The Evolution of the Evil Dead Series

“Evil Dead Rise” is both a homage to and a departure from the series’ roots. A brief look into the evolution of “Evil Dead” shows a franchise that has continually reinvented itself, from the low-budget horror of the original to the dark comedy of “Army of Darkness” and the gritty reboot in 2013. This latest installment pays respect to the series’ history while charting its own course.

Direction and Cinematography

Lee Cronin’s direction in “Evil Dead Rise” is both assured and inventive. The film’s cinematography captures the claustrophobic terror of the urban setting, contrasting the more open, wooded locales of previous films. Cronin’s ability to craft suspenseful sequences with a keen eye for detail is noteworthy, making “Evil Dead Rise” a visually arresting experience.

Special Effects and Makeup

True to the franchise’s legacy, “Evil Dead Rise” excels in its practical effects and makeup. The grotesque realism of the demonic entities and the visceral nature of the film’s more gruesome scenes pay homage to the series’ roots while pushing the envelope of modern horror aesthetics.

Music and Soundtrack

The film’s soundtrack and sound design play a crucial role in amplifying the tension and horror. The eerie score weaves through the narrative, enhancing the sense of dread and foreboding that pervades “Evil Dead Rise.”

Themes and Symbolism

“Evil Dead Rise” explores themes of family, redemption, and the struggle against inner darkness. The film’s symbolic use of the urban environment juxtaposes the traditional isolation of horror settings, offering a fresh take on the genre.

Audience Reception

The reception of “Evil Dead Rise” has been largely positive, with particular praise directed at its innovative approach to the franchise and its effective blend of horror and emotional depth. Critics and fans alike have lauded the film for its fidelity to the “Evil Dead” ethos while offering something new to the saga.

Comparisons to Previous Films

While “Evil Dead Rise” stands on its own merits, comparisons to its predecessors are inevitable. The film distinguishes itself by focusing more on psychological horror and less on the campy tone that characterized some of the earlier entries. This shift has been met with both acclaim and nostalgia for the series’ earlier tone.

The Cultural Impact of “Evil Dead Rise”

“Evil Dead Rise” reflects and contributes to the current landscape of horror cinema. In an era where horror is often used to explore societal and personal anxieties, the film’s themes resonate with contemporary audiences, ensuring its place in the broader conversation about the role of horror in reflecting and challenging cultural norms.

Personal Reflections

“Evil Dead Rise” is a worthy successor to the “Evil Dead” legacy, delivering a fresh and frightening take on the familiar formula. With its strong performances, inventive direction, and commitment to the series’ horror roots, it stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of the “Evil Dead” saga.


As a reviewer and a fan of the “Evil Dead” series, “Evil Dead Rise” offers a satisfying and terrifying experience that honors its roots while exploring new territories. Its emphasis on character, coupled with relentless horror, makes it a standout addition to the franchise.

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